Our Nantmeal country house lies in the quaint village of Nantmeal. A brief history of Nantmeal follows: In 1682, William Penn landed in the New World at what is now New Castle, Delaware. Within a month, he and cartographers had delineated three large geographic areas which became Philadelphia, Chester and Bucks counties. The history of Nantmeal Village began when Welsh Quakers settled in the area, the first noted tax lists are from 1717, was named after a village in Radnorshire Wales, from where many of it’s earliest residents descended.  Similarities between the two towns are striking even today. Nantmel is Welsh for “sweet spring” or “honey brook”. A fact that one could not conjure from tasting our well water. for more info visit

We purchased our late 1890‘s victorian framed farm house some time back in 1996. We promptly begun a fairly extensive renovation restoring it back to it’s old charm. Needless to say we had to upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, using vintage sinks and tubs, with the cabinets made from beaded board one of my favorite materials as well as a material fairly in popular use back in the late 1800’s. The renovation consumed over 80 new sheets of drywall, 300 feet of matched door and window casing, 200 feet of matched base board molding, and six new windows that are hard to tell the difference from the originals. I even installed the new door casing with a sag towards the center of house mimicking the the original doors. The first floor joists are full logs a common practice at that time being that sawing timbers was a done off site and expensive.

A few years later we started building the a new bank barn/studio. We built up and over a double deep two car garage this allowed us to not disturb the trees near new barn thusly making the barn look like it has been there for a hundred years of so. most folks are shocked to hear the barn was recently built. This construction lated for about 5 years and was a monumental task. Since the barns completion (projects like this are never really finished) we have added various other construction assemblages including a outdoor shower, a sauna on a old farm wagon as well as a firewood wagon. The third floor of barn was originally designed and built to be Katherine’s art studio morphed quite quickly into a showroom gallery space now filled to the rafters with funky furniture, lighting designs, sculpture, paintings, and prints. The gallery is open to the public at various times for special shows/exhibitions or when ever someone stops by.